Jon is a worship leader and multi instrumentalist.  He served as Deputy Bandmaster and then Bandmaster (Musical Director) of L’Islet Salvation Army band from 2004 until 2013.  He is currently principle cornet of Guernsey Salvation Army Band, tutti solo cornet for Guernsey Concert Brass, plays with Salvation Brass, and leads worship at The Salvation Army’s mid week worship meetings.  He also plays piano / keys and bass guitar.

Jon dabbles in composing and arranging Brass and Choral music, when time allows. Many arrangements are used by Salvation Army groups and choral music has been published by The Salvation Army.

His primary focus is on music in Christian worship, with a passion for using music in an engaging and facilitating way during worship. Whether that is traditional choral music, brass bands or contemporary music groups. As an accomplished keyboard and bass guitar player he has also been part of worship teams at Divisional events.

He has a passion to facilitate the growth of contemporary music in The Salvation Army, and is available to assist in training and providing support to such groups. He is also passionate about empowering aspiring worship leaders, musicians, vocalists and AV teams.

He also has technical experience, working with AV teams at New Wine Guernsey and other Christian events. His experience allows him to appreciate all aspects of contemporary worship.