Worship Evening – The Salvation Army Guernsey

By jon
Keyboard Rig for Leading Worship

Keyboard Rig for Leading Worship

On Sunday we tried something different at The Salvation Army in Guernsey. Instead of our usual traditional service we tried a new relaxed format. This included worship lead by the worship group, bible teaching, and time for small group discussions. We also had an opportunity to share thoughts and things that had been discussed in the small groups to the whole group.

There was no brass band, no choir, and very few people wore uniform, creating a nice feel of relaxed informality. Everyone engaged in the small group discussions and a number of people shared afterwards. Worship was effective and well lead by Vicky and we welcomed Josh onto the team for the first time playing acoustic guitar.

It was great for me personally to move away from the piano and play keyboard, and therefore see the congregation and engage a little better with them during the worship. And, it was the first time I used Apple’s Mainstage in a live setting.

The most encouraging point was that this event was not driven by me, or even put forward by me. I often feel like I’m fighting the tide, but this approach has opened some doors for taking a different approach.

The feedback we received for the evening was good. Although, the first worship set had a slightly poor sound mix, which I was running from on the platform, so we could improve on that aspect. But overall, it was a great night where the Holy Spirit clearly turned up and people were challenged and blessed. It will be interesting to see if this style meeting will be run again.

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